Persistence is Key in Deliverance

Persistence is Key in Deliverance

It’s amazing really…

We as humans can hear a truth, straight from the throne of God, and still reject it, not get it, or have challenging arguments that if not arrested will overpower the truth that’s intended to bring us freedom.

It’s the very reason we have so many denominations and theological differences in the church.

But I love when God confirms His truth in those who make a conscious choice to believe it enough to pursue it in it’s entirety.

Too often, I share the realities of what is available in the ministry of deliverance, yet because many do not believe it, or the enemy convinces them that their problem isn’t spiritual, they don’t continue their pursuit of freedom.

Sometimes the enemy will try to convince them that they need a different minister if the one didn’t accomplish the miracle the first time. While I am not against going to a different minister, sometimes people will choose this option rather than simply believing with an unwavering faith.

There can be so much we can learn from testimonies. I believe they hold nuggets of revelation when we listen to them.

Below you will read a few testimonies that I can remember off hand that demonstrates the reality of remaining persistent and keeping it simple, including one recent testimony that reminded me of how important this truth really is.

Testimonies of Persistence Producing the Results

Recently a gentleman came to our weekly service for breakthrough.
He came three times and received nothing.
The fourth time he came, the service was almost over. After looking at the clock and realizing we had 5 minutes until cutoff time, I made a public declaration. I stated we have 5 minutes left, yet I was going to give it another round. I told the Lord that we had 5 minutes of service left and we needed Him to move upon these people one more time. As I began to command (just as I had been for hours) this man began to wretch and vomit, receiving his breakthrough.

This is what he had to say:

“Thank you for reaching out. I have definitely felt more free and less stressed. The presence of the Holy Spirit is also more prominent in my life. There is a definite calling on my life as Luke 4:18 is becoming imprinted in my mind and heart. I spend a lot of time with scripture and in prayer for His guidance and will to happen in my life. I’m also learning to trust God more in everything I do thru faith. I’m starting to witness to people I would have rather died before than do that…..hahaha So God is busy shaping and forming me for something big….Hallelujah!”

This was what he responded with after I reached out to him just a few weeks after his deliverance. He was witnessing to people the Gospel which he says he couldn’t before because of the way the enemy would cause it to feel inside of him when he attempted before.
He is less stressed (who couldn’t use that?). He feels the Presence of God stronger in His life, his prayer life has opened up, reading the Word of God more, and is even able to trust God more.

This man came for something else  and ended up getting all of this!

Just think if he would have allowed the enemy to have his way attempting to convince him that we weren’t the ministry that would work for him, or maybe he didn’t need deliverance after all, that maybe his problem was something else, like nutritional, etc.

We must stay laser focused on the truth that sets us free or we will forever be chasing rabbit trails.

Last year we ministered in the Bahamas where we did a 4 day conference. 
We were only supposed to do 3 days, but the Pastor asked us to do their Sunday morning service as well. 
One woman had come to the 3 day conference and had not received deliverance, but she came to church the 4th day and finally ended up going through radical deliverance!

-Jon George

Alec's Mother's Testimony of Persistence

Nina & Alec
*Photo is of Alec’s mom kissing him as she could not do before because he would head but her.

My husband and I brought our son who has severe autism, and is mostly non-verbal, to Jon’s Ontario conference in May 2019.  Jon and his ministry team prayed over our son for about ten minutes before the conference started as the severity of his autism and aggressive behaviours prevented him from attending the conference.  
We noticed that afterwards approximately 95% of his aggressive behaviours had decreased and he became calm and gentle, similar to what he had been like when he was nine (he is now eleven). For the last two years our son would daily kick, hit, bite, scratch us and others who were in contact with him. 
In addition, within the last year he would throw any objects within his grasp creating holes in the walls of our house and denting our furniture and flooring.

We had also attended Jon’s conference in November 2018 with our son briefly where Jon met us in the hallway to pray for him, but there were no improvements in his aggressive behaviours at that time.  In fact, his behaviours escalated and he even threw the majority of our art and mirrors off the walls breaking some of them. 

However, I want to highlight some important points which resonated with me from Jon’s teachings during his conferences: deliverance is a process, so stay persistent; everything is rooted in the realm of the spirit (physical, emotional, mental); and we need to walk by faith and not by sight.

In March 2019, just before the May conference, we read a testimony on Jon’s Facebook page about a boy with autism who had the behavioural component of his IBI program removed as his aggression had decreased by 90%.  I said to my husband that if this boy can have a miracle happen to him then so can our son.  After the May 2019 conference our son received his miracle from Jesus! 

We continue to pray in faith that our son will be fully healed of his autism, yet it has been  three months now and our son remains calm, gentle, and so sweet that I want to hug and kiss him all of the time (previously he would head butt us in the face when we tried to kiss him).  The relief from these aggressive behaviours has made our daily life livable again.  For example, I don’t have to wear gardening gloves to brush my son’s teeth in fear that my hands will be scratched up, be kicked in the shins when helping dress him for the outside, or constantly clean the mess from him throwing his bowl/plate of food across the kitchen.  Praise the Lord for He is good!

Pastors Daughter with Leukemia

I remember reading a testimony of a very respected and world renowned minister who was ministering to a Pastors daughter who was dying of Leukemia.

The testimony stated they prayed and fasted for this little girl for 14 days straight before the demon was even exposed. They then kicked it out and the little girl was healed.

What faith it would take to relentlessly pursue this level of determination. And no, “I’m not talking about having dealt with a trying situation for this long or even much longer, because there are people who have dealt with things like this for much longer.

I’m referring to the level of determination to see this miracle through to the point where you won’t stop doing the labors of faith, the works of faith until it manifests.

Every time someone did this type of action step in the Bible, Jesus would always attribute their healing to their faith that led them to take the action step.


While there are many many more testimonies, I only share a few here to give you an idea as to why it is important to never lose heart and always remain persistent. -Jon George

Faith Without Works Is Dead

I’ve heard people tell me so often “I believe” but scripture tells us that if there is no action steps to our faith, than it is literally not alive. And that even demons “believe”.
This can be an offensive truth if we get caught up in ourselves and in our emotions, especially if we have a personal situation we’ve been battling for along time. But it’s important to arrest our emotions in order to recieve.

The faith requirement is no different for the minister to the ministered. Both are required to have faith. Jesus Himself was limited in expressing the will of God in His own hometown because of the unbelief of the people who were supposed to receive. Likewise the disciples couldn’t effectively minister in delivering the boy because of their unbelief Jesus said. These were disciples who had seen more miracles than you and I ever have. Yet Jesus told them they possessed unbelief.

They had a much greater defense to what Jesus was saying than we ever could. We need to learn from this and allow Jesus to point out in us any inadequacies rather than defend ourselves.

If you want to give it another shot like a few in these testimonies have, find us any of our upcoming events or weekly services and we would be happy to relentlessly pursue your freedom.

Some say I have faith, others say I have works, but I will show you my faith BY MY WORKS. -James 2:18 paraphrased

 And shall God not avenge His own elect who cry out day and night to Him, though He bears long with them? I tell you that He will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?” Luke 8:7-8


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