Self Deliverance

Action Steps You Can Take

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Please Follow Each Step/Video In Order:

STEP #1:


Watch this video testimony to learn what honor can yield and why it is a requirement of God to receive your miracle.

Self Deliverance - Part 1
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STEP #2:

General Deliverance

Be advised, this is a GENERAL deliverance prayer and can radically deliver you if you honor what God is doing through me. Your determination to be free can and will produce the results according to your level of pursuit.

Self Deliverance - Part 2
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STEP #3:

Exposing The Hidden Things

AFTER watching the GENERAL DELIVERANCE PRAYER above in Step 2, and having successfully played that with no manifestations, be sure to use this one which is GREAT at getting exposure of demons that may not have manifested during that prayer. Please understand, what you hear may sound exactly your own thoughts. DO NOT rationalize this, thinking ” there’s no way that demon could be in me”. When you get a name, begin commanding it to go in Jesus name until you experience the fruit of freedom.

Self Deliverance - Part 3
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TESTIMONY within 44 minutes of posting this video!

Someone ALREADY MESSAGED ME and said they got a demons name. I already was familiar with this demon’s functions and it is a spirit of infirmity. This was her message to me… “________ is the name I got. I have been diagnosed with COPD and Emphysema. The Father has been putting you in my mind so I am coming to you for deliverance. Thank you for being the person the Father has called you to be”.

STEP #4:


After completing the first 3 steps, this is the single most important step.

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