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Young Man Who Lost His Mind is Restored!

Last week, we had a father, who had been following our ministry bring his son in who had recently (a few days before) lost his mind. He literally woke up one morning at 5 am and began to babble incoherent jargon. He started talking to himself, saying he was god, and could not hold a conversation, randomly ran away from home wandering until the police found him and brought him home.

His father, having watched our ministry on Facebook, knew immediately what was going on.

His mother had experienced similar episodes for many years over her life, in and out of mental institutions. He knew this was a generational curse.

When instructed to take his son in for professional help, he decided against it as he had seen the never-ending process this can become for the life of the person, and said “The Lord Jesus Christ is going to heal my son”.

When he brought him in, he was ministered to at the prayer line, and IMMEDIATELY began to hold a conversation and began to improve even more over the next few days. I then visited their home and further prayed for him and the family, having them reject and renounce this attack, and continuing to decree. The young man has begun reading his Bible and praying, and today, went to school, having had a great day, testifying of the miracle-working power of the Lord Jesus Christ!