"Who the Son sets free is free indeed." - JOHN 8:36

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The two videos below were recorded while teaching a ministry school in Port Charlotte, FL. in early 2016. After teaching these classes, I was not going to minister deliverance, being that it was the last classes of the semester. But one person asked for prayer for their child at the end, and as I began to pray for their child, the mother began to go through deliverance causing a chain reaction where others began to go through deliverance as well!

Deliverance Ministry 101

Deliverance Ministry 101 - Class 1
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Session 1

Deliverance Ministry 101 - Class 1
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Session 2

“God, working with them, confirmed the word they preach with signs and wonders.” – Mark 16:20

Conference Testimonies

I didn’t know Jon. I had just heard about him through a friend that got prayer by him. I went because I was thirsty and madly curious about his insight into deliverance. A word not really ever used by me. But, I went and I was forever changed by what he helped me to see. Below I briefly summarize some of my notes and key points I got from his conference…

The fight is real. Those sessions helped me realize that truly there is a warfare going on. You can acknowledge it or be a victim of it. And a victim I was. Here I was going through life, believing for God’s goodness, but not fighting for it. When I saying fighting, I mean FIGHTING. Like you fight off someone in real life that is trying to attack you. So I mean claiming it, speaking it, not taking no for an answer, listening to nothing but to what Jesus spoke over our lives. I started fighting back the thoughts that tried to hold my relationship with God captive. And now, I fight back and don’t look back, or doubt His goodness and faithfulness. My life has radically changed since this. And yours can too.

“Believing is a legal contract with God that allows Him to work for you and in you.” – Jon George

This is in reference to believing that you can be healed, cured, made well, given an life of abundance, freedom from sin, freedom from generational curses etc…

Jesus gave us more than salvation. Yes, He gave us power, the give us the Holy Spirit. He died at the cross for our sins and paid the ultimate price for our salvation, BUT He also give us many more gifts. This was eye opening for me! That God gave us through Jesus the ability to do much more than just live on earth. He gave us the ability to overcome ALL things.

“My people perish because of their lack of knowledge.” – Hosea 4:6

During these sessions I learned that I lack the knowledge I needed to know to become a true overcomer. Hosea 4:6 was talking about me. But now my spirit has became thirsty for it and my eyes have been opened to what was dark before. Reading the bible has not been the same ever since.

The enemy is not a myth. Hearing of Jon’s prayer sessions and the outcomes of them scared me! I had never heard of deliverance so to hear that he was speaking directly to the enemy during his prayer sessions was frightening. This put the enemy on the map for me.

“Many times some may not be able to tell the difference between the enemy and God because the enemy has been there for so long disguising himself – its a familiar spirit” – Jon George

In all, I have not been the same since I went!

– Sara Washio

This is a testimony related to an individuals personal prayer session AND her experience from the conference. I share this testimony to give you as first hand account of someone who has been a Christian for years, and how God used the deliverance ministry to expose some false spirits in her life for the sake of setting her free and bringing her into more of a oneness with Him. And also to give a first hand account of someone who was initially freaked out by my method, but turned out to be the method that actually exposed the lies in her life and helped her so much that she wanted to share about it. – Jon George

Before the session:
I knew I needed deliverance because after Jon preached (at the FREE INDEED conference) and started praying, I sensed a demonic presence in me. Having a relationship with Holy Spirit, I know what He feels like. This was a sickness in my stomach, heart beating fast, tingling on the back of my neck, and dry mouth; it was not Holy Spirit. I was quite uncomfortable and knew I needed prayer that night. Praise God that Jon stayed until midnight letting Jesus bring deliverance on a few different people! What I heard from one guy he was delivering was shocking, to say the least. Demons were talking through my friend. I stayed in the other room (yea I was a little freaked out) and just read scripture and God kept leading me to specific verses to reassure me everything was okay and to release his Words to bring my friend freedom. A few times, what I thought was my friend talking, was actually a demon telling lies. It sounded so believable! But Holy Spirit knew it was a lie and used Jon to call it out. I was shocked that Jon instantly called it out as a lie, and how the demons instantly backed down once truth was spoken.

Anyway, I sensed God telling me to schedule a session with Jon, fully aware that Jesus is my deliverer. No human is perfect and I did not have any expectations on Jon, but I knew God has plans through Him and I knew he was anointed in deliverance because, well, I just knew. A few days before our session, God gave me some dreams about a few things I needed to be delivered from, which made me confident and assured that I was doing the right thing and really following my Lord.

During the session:
I did not think anything was going to happen. I was pretty confident that God told me after I heard Jon preach that “I would be delivered differently because God loves me so much, I am special, and He is gentle with me and anything Jon needs to know he should just ask God who will tell him.” Jon’s style didn’t look gentle and honestly, I was afraid. When we started the session, Jon kept calling up spirits; I could sort of sense some things in my body, but nothing was happening and I didn’t know if I believe anything would happen. My friend was reading scripture about a particular demon and when she said it, I sensed that was true and it was in me. So Jon started calling it up, but still not going anywhere. That’s when I told Jon what I felt God told me, that he should ask God anything He needs to know. He doesn’t need to talk to demons, he can just ask God. He called it out as a lie and as soon as he did, I knew it was! I was shocked! I hear from the Lord pretty good and didn’t think I had problems deciphering what was God and what was satan. He said that demon was trying to control the session. (hmmmm that explains a lot in my life). Anyway, the demon started laughing. But I thought it was Holy Spirit laughter at first because God fills me with joy all the time and I laught a lot. Come to find out, it was a demonic laugh! What in the world? It was mocking him. Now I could really feel this demon surface and I could clearly hear what it was saying to Jon. I began to manifest some more. I was shocked. I was fully aware of everything that was going on. Technically, I believe I could have stopped the enemy from surfacing or talking through me, but dangitt! I wanted to be free so I just let the process happen. I was totally peaceful and safe and protected by Father God, but the demons were being tortured as Jon would ask them questions and force them to tell the truth. THEY HATE THE TRUTH! Jon had this weird method of declaring judgments over them and asking God to inflict pain, which actually worked. It would weaken them and the authority of Jesus would force them to speak truth. They were so stubborn and tried really hard to hold back but couldn’t. They had no choice but to submit.

Jon did not give up. Jesus has eyes of fire and is determined. At one point in the session, Jon reminded the demons of this and they hated it because they knew it was true! They knew Jesus would not give up and would win. The session continues, Jon commands them to tell him what their name or function is. It was like they were like these little kids who didn’t want to spill the beans but were forced to. They tried so hard to play games and get around revealing themselves, because, as I learned, once they are found out, they are history! At first, I would recognize the demonic voice in my head when Jon asked them to identify themselves. I would tell Jon, “this is what they said.” Later in the session, when they were manifesting more fully, they just talked through me. Believe it or not, it wasn’t that weird. Holy Spirit was with me so strong and it was almost like I was watching a movie. Most of what was revealed, I either already knew about because God had showed me throughout the years. Confirmation. Total confirmation. I am pretty sure I laid hands on myself and commanded those things to leave, but I guess they didn’t and I don’t know why that is. Jon prayed over my reproductive organs, which I didn’t know there was a problem there. Then I told him I had a miscarriage back in the day, in which the demons freely shared that it was twins. Jon said that God will give back what was stolen and those babies are in heaven. That was true and the demons hated it! They hated Jon.

I am revealing this only to say how powerful Jesus is. When Jon held up the bible on my back (when the demon was surfaced, so it was the demon experiencing the pain and not me), the demon cried out in pain. It would turn its head (my head) away from Jon when he commanded them to come out or asked them questions. Toward the end, they were forced to turn directly at Jon because of the weakened state they were in and they HAD to submit to the Lord. Then when one particular demon, who we thought was the ruler, surfaced, it was very angry. Jon went over and found olive oil that I just bought (yea I thought I bought it for cooking. Haha Holy Spirit had other plans). When he put it on me, it was the worst thing in the world for the demon. Wow! They screamed in agony. Shocking! I use anointing oil all the time but I guess I didn’t really know that it was actually doing something. Yup. It is definitely powerful. The demon screamed and said “nooooo” every time Jon went to go get the oil. It weakened it some more. there was a reason why he did that; to get the stubborn rebellious thing to submit. At another point, Jon asked a question and It pointed at my world map that is on the wall and boastfully said, “I am the ruler of the earth”. In which Jon reminded him that Jesus is the Ruler. Then Jon asked him a question, and he was forced to tell the truth and said, “my time is short!” from revelations. And then something about how he is shaking in his boots because “the body of Christ is coming together.” That was powerful. Very powerful.

The session continued with things being called out, them forced to submit to the Word, and forced to tell the truth, which they hated. Jon got on the floor with me one time when I was about to be delivered and i was so grateful. That is Jesus fighting for me! Jon asked to be strengthened by the Lord and the demons hated that because they knew God would strengthen him and Jon can always call upon the Lord. Incredible how they understand the power of God and we don’t. they also hate the fact that God loves us so much.

– Anonymous

This testimony is from a woman who went through deliverance just days before the conference. After she left the conference, the Word of God and His Spirit were still working on her as she left.

Hi Jon,

I want to share this testimony. I didn’t realize it was one until this morning when I was writing in a women’s group about an experience I had last night. Then it all came to me as I back tracked. When you began to pray for certain things to come out, I was asking God to remove some things off of me but i did not feel any symptoms as you mentioned. I did however felt a stirring in my spirit that I had not felt in awhile. There was this compassion welling up inside for the people and a cry for God to meet them where each one sat because I felt some desired to be set free but was hesitant to be prayed for and than there were the ones who may not recognize their condition and need for prayer. I began to pray silently as I sat and watched the people around me and those you prayed for. On my way back home I was thinking of my own condition of feeling weary and hopeless. All of a sudden I found myself singing to the LORD. The words were a heartfelt cry and I envisioned myself as the women bent over in Luke 13. I began to sing “LORD, I am just a woman bent over and have grown weary” as I did something began to break within me as I felt His touch. I could no longer utter words but tears began to flow. At that moment I was driving on a I-75 and could not pull over. All I can do was wipe them away and pray that He take the wheel. I felt a release. Renewed hope surfaced and I began to sing praises to HIM all the way back home and still am!!! He took my tears and transformed them into living waters – watering the seed of His Word that was shared last night -producing hope within me. Just like the woman in Luke 13, I sensed Him saying to me “Lady, you have been set free from your weakness!” (Complete Jewish Bible) Where once I was silenced from speaking, praying, worshiping and praising – I am no longer! I am free – FREE INDEED!! Thank you Jon for your obedience and availing yourself to God for the purposes of His Kingdom. The Bride of Christ (church) must present herself without spot or wrinkle and all unclean spirits that have infiltrated, defiling her must be cast out in Jesus Name. I thank God that He has made you one of many that will arise in this hour to do just that through deliverance that brings forth healing and wholeness – enabling the people to be and do what God created them for.

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