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God, Please Heal My Child’s Sensory, Developmental, Autism, and/or Behavioral Disorders.

So many parents are struggling in secret. Some can’t hide it.
Their children are suffering with emotional instability, mental illness, autism spectrum disorder; or numerous other behavioral, sensory, and/or developmental disorders.
This has such a reciprocating effect in many cases affecting the parents greatly.

I never knew going into this ministry that we would be able to help so many children with such instantaneous miraculous results that many parents spend decades searching for, and in most cases, never find.

There are so many options out there nowadays, you can literally spend forever trying everything that people (including professionals) recommend.

Becoming a Christian changed my life because I began to experience the newness of life that Jesus promises in His Word. But I had no idea what awaited me by continuing in His Word.

God is like anything else, whereas He needs to gain your trust in order to take deeper leaps with Him. As He grabbed a hold of my heart like no other, it became evident He had what I was looking for. As I began to trust His weightier promises, I learned He is truly a miracle worker.
It just takes a prayer of radical faith, to believe in His ability and willingness to provide.

No matter what your position is on what I just said, maybe you’ll consider the following testimonies as evidence that Jesus is alive today, working in countless lives for those who will trust in Him. I pray that as you read them, they reach the deepest places of your heart as they have mine. God Bless, -Jon George


Alec's Testimony


My husband and I brought our son who has severe autism, and is mostly non-verbal, to Jon’s Ontario conference in May 2019.  Jon and his ministry team prayed over our son for about ten minutes before the conference started as the severity of his autism and aggressive behaviours prevented him from attending the conference. 
We noticed that afterwards approximately 95% of his aggressive behaviours had decreased and he became calm and gentle, similar to what he had been like when he was nine (he is now eleven). For the last two years our son would daily kick, hit, bite, scratch us and others who were in contact with him.
In addition, within the last year he would throw any objects within his grasp creating holes in the walls of our house and denting our furniture and flooring.

We had also attended Jon’s conference in November 2018 with our son briefly where Jon met us in the hallway to pray for him, but there were no improvements in his aggressive behaviours at that time.  In fact, his behaviours escalated and he even threw the majority of our art and mirrors off the walls breaking some of them. 

However, I want to highlight some important points which resonated with me from Jon’s teachings during his conferences: deliverance is a process, so stay persistent; everything is rooted in the realm of the spirit (physical, emotional, mental); and we need to walk by faith and not by sight.

In March 2019, just before the May conference, we read a testimony on Jon’s Facebook page about a boy with autism who had the behavioural component of his IBI program removed as his aggression had decreased by 90%.  I said to my husband that if this boy can have a miracle happen to him then so can our son.  After the May 2019 conference our son received his miracle from Jesus! 

We continue to pray in faith that our son will be fully healed of his autism, yet it has been  three months now and our son remains calm, gentle, and so sweet that I want to hug and kiss him all of the time (previously he would head butt us in the face when we tried to kiss him).  The relief from these aggressive behaviours has made our daily life livable again.  For example, I don’t have to wear gardening gloves to brush my son’s teeth in fear that my hands will be scratched up, be kicked in the shins when helping dress him for the outside, or constantly clean the mess from him throwing his bowl/plate of food across the kitchen.  Praise the Lord for He is good!

*Photo is of Alec’s mom kissing him as she could not do before because he would head but her.


Caleb's Testimony


I want to share a testimony with you all. I have an 8 year old boy who has been battling with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He woke up nightly with screaming fits since he was two years old. In addition, he has broken windows, ran off so much we had to have at least two adults every time he went out, started fires in the house, fought with us in rages, daily, for years. We tried every kind of therapy and medication available trying to calm him and keep him from harming himself and others. He’s also had seizures since he was 2 years old. We went to a deliverance meeting a few months ago and we have seen miraculous changes. He eats meals with us now, something he refused to do before. He’s been kind and helpful. He’s making much better eye contact and has not had a single fighting tantrum with his dad or myself. We are now able to let him play outside on our land, without a fence, and can trust that he won’t run off or do harmful things. He’s sleeping through the night every night and not waking up at the crack of dawn. It’s been a complete change and a miracle! I am so grateful for Jon George and God and the miracle I have witnessed.  -Kelly

Adeliese's Testimony

Adeliese is 12 years old in this photo and at the time of her deliverance.
She was adopted. Her adoptive father flew her down to our California Conference (in Dec. 2018) from Washington State to get her help.
Her behaviors were so rebellious, she would smear feces on the walls and under the washing machine, urinate on her parents clean clothes, sneak out of the house in the middle of the night to go .25 miles down the road to her grandparents house to steal.

As I went about the room doing mass deliverance, she had demons coming out of her screaming.

She’s had behavioral issues.
Her dad flew her in to our Cali Conference from Washington state.
She testifies it was “MORE THAN A BLESSING” to receive what happened to her today.

At the beginning of the conference I called her out of the crowd and told her dad she has a powerful calling and the Lord was going to do wondrous things with her life.


Austin's Testimony

Austin’s Testimony, written by his mother:

When our son was very young he had many medical issues. He continuously had stomach issues which caused frequent uncomfortable constipation. He also had a severe peanut allergy that once landed him in the ER, and also caused him to have a traumatic allergy pen experience at the nurse’s office when he was in Kindergarten. When he was 2 years old, he turned blue, had a seizure and literally died in my arms. He recovered on the way to the hospital, and we were later told that he experienced a “febrile seizure.” He also had chronic ear, nose and sinus infections. Each doctor visit was only rewarded with more side effect producing antibiotics for the symptoms, with no long term healing or resolution to the cause of the symptoms.

Austin also had certain behaviors when he was young which my husband and I could not understand. He often would put his hands over his ears to block out noise. He was extremely sensitive to physical touch. He would have meltdowns whenever any type of change would occur. This included changes from one activity to another, changes in seasons, upcoming events, any types of deviation from planned activities, etc. He often displayed rages of anger that we could not understand. He was not able to articulate or communicate what he was feeling whether physical or emotional pain, even though he was very bright and always put himself on a conversational level with adults.

Austin was always very aware of his peanut allergy and we noticed that his fear of this allergy had begun to cause anxiety. When Austin was entering 6th grade, he a full blown anxiety and panic attack while he was at school. He had eaten a chicken sandwich at lunch and was convinced that it was cooked in peanut oil. He tried for over one month to cope and although he wanted to remain in Public School, he simply was not able due to the level of anxiety that was coming up against him.

He then entered a season of life which I can only describe as a complete shut down. He could not leave our home. Many months later when he finally could leave our home, he made certain it was never further than 30 minutes from home and he HAD to be near a Hospital and always have his allergy pen AND Benadryl. He refused to eat any fast food from out of the house, other than McDonalds, for fear of peanuts. We could not eat food from restaurants known to cook in peanut oil in front of him. We could not even have it in the house! He was unable to attend Church. He cried and feared EVERYTHING continuously. Anxiety had a grip on him that literally was consuming him! His grandfather whom he was very close with passed away within 2 months of school starting and through his grieving, Austin became overwhelmed with a fear of dying. He thought if I left the house, that I would die and not return. He was so pained with how he was feeling, that he would often say that he just wanted to die. He repeated certain words and fears over and over. For example, a small eye irritation developed and he rationalized that he was loosing his sight. It became an obsession. He would walk around the house daily saying the word RIP. He soon was not able at all to engage in 2 way conversations. He was constantly frustrated with how he was feeling. He no longer showed any signs of affection towards anyone. He could not hug us. He could not tell us that he loved us. If any of his friends or his brothers friends came over, we would typically have to ask them to leave within an hour or so, because he would have a meltdown over something perceived as “not fair” to him. Simply put, we had lost our child and though we prayed continuously, we saw very little change. Certainly nothing that lasted. We had Biomedical blood work taken through Great Plains Lab and were told that Austin’s results were comparable with Autism Spectrum of “Aspergers Disorder.” Because of this, we began giving Austin recommended supplements and again, saw only mild and temporary changes.

We knew that we served a BIG GOD who was able to help our son, and we were not willing to allow our son, or our home, to remain in this condition. We were also not feeling led to label him with life long limitations and “Aspergers.”

My husband and I both received very solid, biblical teaching and were grounded in our walk with Jesus as our Savior. We served God in a few different Churches in different areas of Ministry. We pursued God and gave Him 1ST place in our marriage and in our home. Though our hearts constantly ached for change for our son, we didn’t understand how to pursue God any differently. That is, until we were led to Jon George and Deliverance Ministry.

As I talked (cried) with my friend Vicki about the ache in my heart for our son and how desperately I wanted to “fix” his pain, she began to tell me about Jon and his Deliverance Ministry. I hate to admit it, but immediately I began to feel fear. I had never heard mention of Deliverance Ministry in any of the Church’s I had been to! Certain movies came to mind about heads spinning, screaming and vomiting! Initially I even felt offended to learn that Vicki would think that our son had a demon! She knew we had raised our son to be a believer! I thought, believers can’t have demons! Yikes, demons! I’m not messing with them! I felt scared to even be having the conversation! However, as Vicki shared her own personal testimony of being set free of some of her own demons through Jon’s Ministry, I began to sense God nudging me to seek him about it. God was about to assure me and my family of the authority we have over the John 10:10 demons that come to kill, steal and destroy. The verse doesn’t end there. It continues to say that Jesus came to give life…to the FULL.

I went home that day and talked about it with my husband Matt. We agreed to pray about it and seek God through his Word. We also watched some of Jon’s videos together. The more we sought God, the more God directed us to go to one of Jon’s meetings. After a few weeks, a very specific incident happened at a Wedding Reception with Austin that tore both Matt and I up. God opened our eyes at the very moment our son was being physically tormented and we both knew that it was time to put these “demons” to the test.

So, in November of 2016, still unsure of what to expect, I went to Jon’s meeting. We had talked about Austin going also, but “coincidentally” out of nowhere, Austin developed a high fever with non stop vomiting the night before! Seemingly, “something” was trying to prevent him from going. Upon arriving at Jon’s meeting, I was feeling regret for leaving Austin while he was so sick. Matt had assured me that Austin would be ok, but the fear of Austin dying in my arms when he was 2 years old was hovering at the forefront of my mind.

I managed to stay at Jon’s meeting and I’m so glad that I did! God showed up BIG TIME! During Jon’s offering collection, the only thing I had to give was a 20 year Recovery Chip that had become an idol of sorts to me. I knew God asked me to give it, and even though it had no value and made no sense, I attached a note and I dropped it in the bucket. The second I sat back down, I received a text from Matt saying that Austin’s fever had just broken. Later, Jon shared that the offering was not for him or his Ministry. Turns out the collection was being taken up for a mom on his serve team who was raising money for her son to attend a Recovery Program! How cool was that?!? Also, as Jon called people forward that wanted prayer, I ran to the row of chairs. I was so broken and desperate for change for our son! I was also wanting my own DAILY yelling in anger and frustration towards him to stop! I experienced some physical things in my body during Jon’s prayer that didn’t make sense and that I had no explanations for. This included constant burping, coughing and light vomiting. Several special God moments occurred during my time at the meeting, including everyone in attendance laying hands on me and praying as I wept for our son, and my own brokenness. I left the meeting literally physically feeling lighter.

My husband and I noticed IMMEDIATE changes in the days and weeks to follow not only for Austin, but for me, Matt AND our other son, Kyle! God worked through me, to my family! My daily rages of anger…GONE! Austin’s anxiety level lowered tremendously! We no longer heard the daily word RIP or daily blindness fears mentioned. He began showing signs of affection again! He hugged us! He began laughing again! He began engaging in 2 way conversation! He began wanting to be outside! The entire atmosphere in our home changed! He played a game of Monopoly at our kitchen table for HOURS with Kyle and another friend, all the while laughing and ENJOYING the game! No arguments! He asked to go for a boat ride more than 1/2 hour from our house, never asking where the Hospital was! He sat on the bow of the boat and trolled his hand through the water! He ate food away from the house! The simple things in life that God intended for ALL CHILDREN to enjoy and experience, OUR SON was enjoying!

Our journey with Deliverance began in November of 2016. Jon ministered to our family as a whole and individually on several more occasions. As a result, our family and Austin continue to see many areas of breakthrough. Austin is more often at peace than not, he communicates with us throughout each day and is able to articulate how he is feeling. His fear of peanuts has been broken off of him to the point of not only eating at known restaurants that use peanut oil, knowingly eating chocolate that contains peanuts, but just yesterday he even ate a peanut from Five Guys! Ha! He no longer asks if we have the allergy pen or Benadryl when we leave home! He loves to laugh and makes others laugh all the time! He is very funny! He attends Youth on Wednesday’s and has begun making new friends. He will be entering his Junior Year with FLVS and is motivated to IMPROVE in Academics (he has had ALL A’s/B’s since 6th grade.) He has mentioned a desire to pursue his AA Degree. He understands that anxiety is a weapon of attack from the enemy which tries to prevent him from living out the plans and purposes that God has for him. Matt and I continue to battle for him daily in prayer. We also battle for ourselves, Kyle and everyone we love. The fruits of these battles have literally become uncountable. Through deliverance, God has opened our eyes to the plans and purposes that He has for us as a family. We hear from God like never before.

We continue to Honor and Highly Recommend Jon George and the Ministry that God has anointed him to steward.

5 Years Later...

Hey Jon,
Trust all is well with you and yours. Just thought I’d pass this along and trust it will encourage you. 5 years later and the fruits of deliverance continue to multiply… Austin was asked for the first time ever to share a message at church. He combined his testimony with the kindness of God. Our Pastors wife sent me the following:

Nicks Testimony


This is Nick.

Nick’s mother came to our deliverance service in California last month (at the time of writing this).  His mother, in frustration would go to take him out of the room due to his outbursts.
I could see her pain having to struggle with Nick’s manifestations. I would stop her as she went to go out the door with Nick and tell her to bring him to me. I held him while teaching to give her a break.
Families, hurting parents, and children in bondage is where my heart yearns to see DELIVERANCE!

After ministering to Nick and his mother, this is what I just received from his mom 1 month later!

Nick has getting better and better! He now goes swimming and is also able to be potty trained. He had sensory issues on the skin where he couldn’t go in a bath tub to take a bath. LOOK AT HIM NOW dog paddling… he sits on a potty and watches TV. Before, he would do nothing but scream and throw his potty. He talks better in sentences, and does what he’s told. His anger levels have decreased, and she says he is now walking on his feet instead of his toes.

She continues to be amazed at his improvement.


Levi's Testimony

Amandas child was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2.
They were told Levi would never be able to talk, make decisions for himself, or ever live a life without assistance.

Everything he’s accomplished from that time has been miraculous.

Yet at 13, he had a tremendous advancement through the ministry of deliverance giving him more self confidence, the ability to concentrate better, the ability to break down school work figuring it out on his own, and being able to show his emotions giving him the ability to talk about it instead of holding it in.

He’s now entering into the 8th grade in REGULAR CLASSES!

Mothers Determination to Minister to Her Autistic Daughter

And Her Daughters Testimony

Gladys became a Christian believer only 4-5 months prior to this conference.
She had watched our teachings on Youtube and began to appropriate the truths towards seeing transformation in her autistic daughter Athena.

She testifies her and her husband would play our deliverance videos, and speak/command the enemy to release her daughter.

Many of her behaviors improved 50 to 60% including  self-injurious behaviors, anger, anxiety, etc.

Her daughter (as is the case with many autistic children) was also masturbating and this behavior has decreased by 98%!

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