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Are You Holding Expectations Over Your Spouse?

Holding expectations over your spouse will always leave you feeling dissatisfied which can be felt by them. Then they begin feeling insecure because they know …

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Test All Things, Believe Not Every Spirit

Test All Things, Believe Not Every Spirit A stronghold attached to a person can surely speak to them.Some will believe its their own thoughts. In …

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Anointing the Windows and Doorposts.

Anointing The Windows and Doorposts Have you ever heard of people who regularly anoint their doorposts and windows with anointing oil in an effort to …

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How Dreams Can Help With Deliverance

Dreams Can Be Exposure. Dreams have more deliverance tools than most understand. Because the church is so lacking in the understanding of deliverance, or the …

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Does God use Prophets today

Does God use Prophets Today?

You better believe it! That’s like asking if God still speaks to people today. Or if He still performs miracles today. See, scripture says that …

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Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

 Back in the day, there was this inscription written on most side mirrors of vehicles telling you that what you saw in the mirror wasn’t …

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Persistence is Key in Deliverance

It’s amazing really…

We as humans can hear a truth, straight from the throne of God, and still reject it, not get it, or have challenging arguments that if not arrested will overpower the truth that’s intended to bring us freedom.

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Screaming Child

God, Please Heal My Child’s Sensory, Developmental, Autism, and/or Behavioral Disorders.

So many parents are struggling in secret. Some can’t hide it.Their children are suffering with emotional instability, mental illness, autism spectrum disorder; or numerous other …

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Refining Gold Shrunk

Generational Stirring in Deliverance Ministry

Generational Stirring in Deliverance Ministry This podcast explains the generational stirring. This can happen in the midst of going through the process of deliverance of …

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