Testimonials of Healing & Deliverance

As believers in Christ we are told that we are to cast out devils, heal the sick, and raise the dead. 

Jesus himself charges us with this command in Matthew 10:8

Jon George Ministries believes that statement in it’s fullness, and it’s our ministry’s focus to live that out by ministering to those needing a touch from God. 

Below are many video testimonials from individuals who have received healing and deliverance through the power of God.


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Cynthia’s Testimony


My name is Cynthia and I want to share my testimony of Jesus through Jon George Ministries. Jon George and I connected in middle of December through a mutual friend. Jon and I did a Skype session and since that day I have experienced freedom from every area of my life. I felt chains being broken, a freedom I have never experienced. I had a very difficult childhood where many years of life were blocked out of my memory and there was no recollection due to being abused, seeing abuse, being molested, raped and almost kidnapped. I had hurt, depression, I was suicidal, I had trust issues, fear, unforgiveness, anger towards people whom I loved. I felt like I lost years of my childhood.

I was bullied as a child because of my 2 down syndrome brothers. At the age of 14 I turned to alcohol to sedate myself. In my life, it seemed death was always knocking at my door. My best friend who was also my cousin died of cancer when I was 9 and I didn’t want to live. My cousin was everything to me. I’ve had health issues since about that time. I have been on medications for my stomach for 43 years and I am now free of medication since the prayer session. I eat everything now with no stomach issues!

I have had a good doctor report in blood work and I had an ultrasound reveal fibroids that were previously very large had shrunk to almost non-existent. Before the session, I was waking up with headaches everyday and since then, I have had no headaches! Everyday since my session I remember parts of my childhood that I couldn’t remember before and it brings so much joy. I remember more of my school years especially kinder years, friends, birthday gatherings. I remember things my mom and I would laugh about. I remember toys that I played with and I even found a favorite doll of mine that I use to play with. I remember favorite clothes that my mom made me.

God brings back both good and bad memories but with the bad I’ve learned to give it right back to God once I forgive who caused that pain. My life has never been the same since my session with Jon. The freedom I feel with forgiveness towards others no words can express. I have been set free and feels amazing! Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ and thank you for serving Him, Jon George Ministries!