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Anointing the Windows and Doorposts.

Anointing The Windows and Doorposts

Have you ever heard of people who regularly anoint their doorposts and windows with anointing oil in an effort to rid their home of unclean spirits?

Yesterday I was recording a video testimony of someone that had attended a conference we did in Chicago 4 months ago. She began to testify of how deficient she had been with her personal hygiene because she was so tormented with fear after having an evil encounter in her bathroom.
At our conference she began to manifest a demon and was delivered. A I was interviewing her concerning her testimony yesterday, she said something that is very powerful.
She said “I had been taught wrong. I was always taught that demons were always outside of me. For 20+ years I would constantly have to go around the house and anoint all the doorposts and windows in an effort to drive out all evil from my home, but being at this conference showed me that it wasn’t in my house, but rather needed to be cast out of me”.
I then asked her what was the result of this spirit being cast out of her?
She began to testify that she is brushing her teeth regularly, taking showers at night even, and even cleaning her bathroom which she had stopped doing because of this gripping torment that used to paralyze her from what we take for granted!
BONUS! Then she tells me that she had been wearing a wrist brace for carpel tunnel every night and most days for 10 years. She also said she was having to sleep each night for the past 10 year on one side of her body because the other side would go numb. She no longer has to wear this wrist brace nor does she have to limit her sleeping to one side of her body because this is now gone from her life! She even testifies her marriage is improving as she’s noticed her husband is being more proactive in her marriage and even cleaning the house! And all the wives said “Amen!”.
We see these a lot of bonus healings with deliverance. Many times, we don’t know about all of the issues people are having until God delivers them from the spirit that was responsible for multiple issues. That is normally the case, where there are normally a few issues that are the result of an unclean spirit(s) attached to someone’s life.
I want to emphasize that in no way do I reject the biblical practice of anointing the openings of a home. But rather, I believe there needs to be balance, and most of the time I have seen that people who were anointing their home regularly are actually in need of deliverance themselves or within their family.

There is another example that happened early on in my ministry. When I was praying for people in their homes.
I was asked to pray for a local worship leader of one of the top 10 fastest growing churches in our nation.
The woman asked me to pray for her regarding fear that would attack her as she would get up to lead worship (I have seen this in a few worship leaders that received deliverance from this).
When I began to pray, she began to violently manifest. It turned into 3-day battle where I would go back to her home for 3 nights of prayer.
A few years later, I was in a place of evaluating my ministry. There were so many naysayers and critics that chastise any manifestation in deliverance that after awhile these seeds that they sowed eventually began to get to me. I began to ask God after awhile if there was something to this claim. He had me go through an evaluation period. He had me go back and reach out to those who manifested the most to see what the fruit was of this experience. This worship leader was one of them. I called her husband and began to tell him what I was doing, that I was evaluating the good, the bad, and the ugly of my ministry. And that I wanted him to give it to me straight. That I needed to know if there has been a change, no change, or some minor change. He acknowledged he understood, but then began to passionately tell me all that had happened because of her deliverance experience with me.

He said (paraphrased) “Jon, it’s been amazing all the fruit that she’s experienced because of her deliverance. Well, the fear she told you she had when she would go to lead worship was completely removed. But there was one thing that we never mentioned. See, I would wake up at least 8 times a night to her being choked in her sleep and being paralyzed by demons. That hasn’t happened in 2 years since her deliverance. And Jon, I can’t begin to tell you how bad this was. At least 8 times every night this happened. Oh, and there’s one more thing. It seemed like her deliverance affected the entire atmosphere of the house. Like we used to always anoint the windows and doorposts regularly always trying to keep the devil out and change the atmosphere. But after her deliverance, it was like there was no need to do that anymore because it seemed as though her deliverance changed the atmosphere”.

See, I want to point out a few things here. Knowing that a person hosting a demon can change an entire atmosphere shouldn’t be viewed in a way now where you are always looking for the person messing up your atmosphere.
This young lady was a worship leader in a church that was doing very well. In fact, one of the best in the nation for growth. And your views on growth may differ, and I understand that, but a church thriving would NOT be what Satan would want. Because many people start in those types of churches and mature into others. This is a type of church that I would have started in and I really needed that at the time.
And this is a church that talks about the gifts of the spirit. It is still a bit seeker friendly, but it doesn’t matter because they offer deliverance. It may not be deep deliverance as we call it, but I am thankful they offer it at all. This is how we are introduced to these things. And I am thankful for any deliverance rather than none.

I believe a house in New Testament terminology relates more to us as vessels rather than a house in the natural as depicted in the Old Testament. I’m not saying spirits couldn’t be around you in a home, but I have just seen a side of this whole deliverance process that reveals more internal occupants than maybe what the church previously understood.

I believe the End Times Harvest includes deliverance in a huge way, Jesus spoke of allowing the weeds and the seeds to grow together because pulling them too soon would cause the seeds to be uprooted.
He also says He is coming for a spotless Bride. I believe this includes uprooting the weeds to cleanse us. Deliverance is one way this takes place.