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Test All Things, Believe Not Every Spirit

Test All Things, Believe Not Every Spirit

A stronghold attached to a person can surely speak to them.
Some will believe its their own thoughts. In more severe cases, the person will think that their thoughts are the Holy Spirit speaking to them. Now, can the Holy Spirit speak to us within our thoughts? Of course. But if we aren’t testing that, we are surely have room for error. Sometimes the enemy can convince us we are hearing from God when in fact we are really only leaning on our own understanding.  
The biggest fallacy of the church today is not having enough teaching on the fact that Christians are regularly hearing from the enemy and chalking it up to God. We have this happening in many ways. For example, when you first hear that Christians can have demons, in many cases, the carnal mind will begin to drudge up every scripture to refute this. Have you ever noticed how we can find scripture to support whatever our narrative is on any given thing? The example I gave is the same concept.
As a deliverance minister, I see it all the time.

I’ll give you an example of what that looks like.
We have someone come to our service who is a Christian and has never manifested a demon. They then begin to manifest wildly. We know they are not fully delivered so we instruct them to come back and get more. If that stronghold is a strong one, they can then begin to have every thought that counters what we have said. Yes folks, even after they manifested a demon! You can’t have much more evidence of the culprit of one’s life problems than that! But yet, this stronghold will continue to speak to them in an attempt to STOP them from going further in their deliverance.
The stronghold can manifest in this way by speaking any number of things from pride (the person knows better than the minister’s counsel, or they think you should minister in a different way); to offense (something the minister did or said offends you or hurt you); to dishonor (you hear and believe that the minister is all about money or themselves in an effort to discredit or “dishonor” that minister in your heart). There are many more ways the enemy does this, but the above are common examples we have seen regularly. These are the devils ROADBLOCKS to your deliverance.
If your stronghold can speak to you in a way where it can do any number of these things, it has just stopped you from the source of your freedom. And if you say “Jesus is my source”, then that itself is a stronghold manifesting because Spirit filled believers are the embodiment of your Savior. So according to New Testament scripture, we need one another.

I just got an email yesterday from a woman asking me if I agreed with the methods another deliverance minister uses. That she was considering going to. She shared her reservations. I said “You know, I do things a little differently, but if I were you, I would go”. She then began to give me more judgments she had about this minister, even going as far as to say this woman was a witch. I’m like “so were you really asking me for advice or wee you just going to believe whatever you came into this conversation with anyway”? See, this woman’s stronghold was manifesting in an attempt to try and find a justification for what it was speaking in hopes that I would give it its justification to shut this deliverance process down. But when I wouldn’t give it what it wanted, it continued to try and argue.

Folks, I have seen this happen in so many ways. People getting offended at the minister and causing separation. I saw a Facebook post today from a woman who manifested a demon at our service for the first time in her life. I knew she wasn’t delivered, and so I instructed her to come back and get more. She basically responded by saying she was submitted to another ministry and that she would receive counsel from them. Then a few months later she posts about being tired and fatigued all the time which is a manifestation of the exact demon that she manifested. So, I reached out to her to explain this. She said “No, she believes something is medically wrong”, which is ALSO what these demons try to convince us of so we don’t come up with the solution that will actually solve our problem, which is DRIVING OUT THE SOURCE! This is a conversation I had with her yesterday. Then wouldn’t you know it. Today, she posts that if she could eliminate one thing from the church it would be ministers branding their ministry. Ironically, my name is in the name of our organization. The reason for this actually goes back to my childhood, where I’ve always had a complex about not being like anybody else, lol. Additionally, it’s the main reason I never got a tattoo on my body when I was living in the world. I always love changing my mind because I may like a name today but not like a name tomorrow, lol. So, I figured giving it my name would help people to recognize which ministry it was instead of not knowing, when its name is “Abundant Life, Oasis Church, etc.” or something like that. But she doesn’t know that. But yet her stronghold told her what my motives were, didn’t it? This is a way to block the honor that Jesus says is required to receive the miracle (He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward. And he who receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward. Matt. 10:41).
If the enemy can get us to dishonor the minister, by even twisting the perception of their motives in our hearts, then he has blocked our own deliverance!

We had an online deliverance service last night. We had a woman on who was sharing a testimony of her sister who manifested a demon. This demon manifested after her sister told her that she didn’t believe me when I had told her she was hearing from a spirit that was not the Holy Spirit. So, she asked her sister if she wanted to her to pray for her for clarification. Her sister agreed. She then proceeded to ask God to help her discern if this was of God or not and asked that if it wasn’t that it would go in the name of Jesus. As soon as she said this, her sister immediately began to manifest this demon wildly as it came out screaming.
Obviously this reveals that her sister was hearing her stronghold speak to her in an effort to argue what the Holy Spirit had been speaking through me to set her free.

If you think my writing is about me being right, or boasting about that, then we have just identified another stronghold in operation.
I really say this to give insight on how this junk operates. Because folks, if we aren’t willing to talk about this, than we have just allowed the enemy continuous room to manifest.

I get emails all the time of people who are really bound and they are telling me how all these ministers that they’ve gone to are doing it wrong and they are still needing help. What if they were doing it right, but yet you have a stronghold that continues to speak to you keeping you in pride causing your deliverance to be blocked?
Most of the time I am unable to help those people because they maintain their being right, and it leads them right out the door.
But I don’t hold back and I pray that the seed was planted so at least someone else can come and water it, and God will give the increase.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God… 1 John 4:1a

Test all things… 1 Thessalonians 5:21a

The Holy Spirit is very much ok with you testing what you are hearing and believing for accuracy and authenticity.
Do not get into suspicion, but surely, have balance and “test all things” that you are hearing, sensing, seeing, feeling, and knowing.