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How Dreams Can Help With Deliverance

Dreams Can Be Exposure.

Dreams have more deliverance tools than most understand.

Because the church is so lacking in the understanding of deliverance, or the vision to see dreams through the lens of scripture, they miss the insights God gave us in His word.

Take for example when Jesus refers to demons leaving their “house”.

See, Jesus referred to the person as a house. Or at least He referenced (Luke 11:24) that’s what the demons considered it.

Paul refers to our flesh as our earthly tent, a temporary dwelling place.

He referred to it as a tent because he was emphasizing the temporary aspect of it, but all the while he was in no way removing the dwelling aspect from it.

We are spirit that has a soul that’s within a body.

So, our body is the house in which we live.

If someone else is in our house, it is there either legally or illegally.

Obviously, we can have others in our house because we know we are to be filled with the Holy Spirit. And we know that people can have demons in their house because scripture is clear on that a well.

If it’s a spirit that we gave place to in our life before Christ, or if it is a generational demon from our ancestry, then it would be there illegally because once you are repentant and receive Christ, those legal rights are broken.

It’s just that nobody’s told them to go yet. Many times, because the person doesn’t know they’re there.

That’s where these dreams can be very insightful.
So often people dream of things happening in a house that they relate to their own or an ancestor’s. They’ll say things like “I dreamt that I was in my mothers house, but it wasn’t the house I remember, but in my dream I knew it was her house… and something happened”.

One lady, I invited over to our home to have dinner with my wife and I.

I felt she needed deliverance.

I was explaining deliverance to her and she was open.

She told me she had a dream that a woman was in her house writing on the walls.

She thought this had something to do with her husband cheating on her because there was a woman in her house in her dream. She didn’t know that the Lord just had her bring that up for her deliverance.

I explained to her the house reference that I just explained to you. Then I explained that writing on the walls might signify the enemy trying to inscribe his word within her soul. The biblical reference of this might be the spiritual truth of “it is written”, and how the enemy counterfeits by attempting to replace Gods word with his own. Another reference might be where scripture says His word is written upon our hearts.

Nonetheless, we can see scripturally, the enemy was within her house and trying to write upon her soul with his word.

I immediately began to call out this woman in her house that was writing on the walls and she got very angry and began to vomit.

Another time, there was a woman that said she had a dream of an old house that was her mothers house in he dream and her step-dad was there and became very evil. I called out the spirit connected to the “old man” from her mother and/or step-father and she too began to vomit saying that was the most deliverance she had ever had.

Dreams can be very significant in helping you find freedom as they give you tools, that when using scripture, many times, can be interpreted for your deliverance.

Dreams of being around “shady” people, alcoholics, drug addicts, thieves, etc. can all signify things from your past.

Sexual dreams, girlfriends, cheating on spouse, mistresses, all are demons, even if there is no infidelity in the natural.

It can reveal there is a spirit that may be causing other types of disturbances in your life and/or marriage.

Many times, you won’t know what they are causing until you cast them out. This can be done by calling them out with the details that were in your dream.
ie: the mistress, woman who I cheated on my wife with in my dream, COME OUT OF ME IN JESUS NAME.

ie: The three (every description that you can remember helps reveal and expose what’s hidden) drinkers and druggies in my dream, COME OUT OF ME IN JESUS NAME.

See, dreams are very insightful and sometimes they may not be the best experience or even downright tormenting.

BUT, using even the descriptive’s that you remember in the dream can be EXCELLENT for the purpose of eviction by calling it out according to the details of the dream in Jesus name.

Remember, be sure you have given your life to Jesus in word (prayer that He is Lord) and in heart (believing He has risen from the dead) so that you don’t have a temporary fix, but eternal.