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Today I want to talk about one of the largest roles of deliverance ministry. It’s called “self-deliverance”. Self deliverance is a process that requires persistence. Persistence is one of the most powerful Kingdom principles in the faith. Two parables Jesus speaks describing persistence. One is the “Parable of the Persistent Widow” (Luke 18:1-8) and the other is the “Parable of the Friend in Need” or “Friend at Midnight” (Luke 11:5-8). Notice, Jesus tells the parable of the friend at midnight right after the disciples ask Him how to pray. He prays the Lords prayer, and then He immediately goes into this parable. It is directly relative to how we are to pray.  In the Parable of the Persistent Widow, Jesus describes a woman who KEPT ASKING FOR DELIVERANCE FROM HER ADVERSARY UNTIL SHE RECEIVED IT! Read it. You may have never noticed that before. It’s good stuff!  Secondly, Jesus describes in the Parable of the Friend at Midnight, a man who KEPT KNOCKING UNTIL HE WAS GIVEN THE BREAD he was desiring! Matthew 15:26 Jesus refers to deliverance as the Children of Gods Bread!

Persistence breeds breakthrough.

Praying regularly using self deliverance can be an extremely powerful tool of freedom. It i important to know that with any area of deliverance, when you command things to leave you that have been hidden, you may begin to feel a bit worse in the beginning as you stir things up, but understand this is a good thing, because the Holy Spirit is exposing those things that have been hidden for so long subtly robbing you of abundant life that Jesus purchased for you.

If you desire to practice self deliverance, remain persistent until you experience breakthrough. I have included Nicks testimony below because it has a VERY important key. Several nights he went out for an hour at a time and kept commanding demons to leave him. He also balanced his time by worshipping God and asking Him for his freedom. This is a good balance. But too often people do not do both. They only do one or the other. The only ask God, never utilizing the tools He has given them (Authority, Power, Sword, Shield) or they only command and forget to ask (You have not because you ask not). It is vitally important to do both.

I have been asked to write a model prayer for self deliverance, and I have included that below. I want to share that Nick Griemsmann is a mighty warrior for Jesus today, evangelizing in signs and wonders everywhere he goes with a heart for Jesus that is rare. His story is extremely inspirational and full of truth that is useful for teaching. Go forward in confidence hearing his story.

God, You gave You Son Jesus to pay all of the penalties of my sin and the sins of my ancestors. Jesus has redeemed me from the curse of the Law of Sin and Death. Therefore, no demon has any legal right to me at all by any means in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ. In accordance with the New Covenant that governs my life, I ask You now to release me from captivity in every area where the enemy has been given place in my life whether through my life or my ancestors lives. I know it is Your will to heal and deliver me TODAY. Thank You for Your gift to me paid for in full by the Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ. 

(You can add to this with whatever scriptures the Lord gives or whatever the Holy Spirit leads. I truly believe in reminding God of His promises. It’s not that He needs a reminder, but rather it shows Him you believe in His Word. Faith unlocks the miraculous)

  • “I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation”.  – 2 Cor. 6:2
  • “Call on Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you”. – Psalm 50:15

Now in the name of Jesus Christ I command every demon that is attached to my life to hear my words right now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I command every demon that has split divided or multiplied to come together as one. I command every ruler demon, every demon prince, every chief demon, and all those under their authority are bound together in the name of Jesus. Now I command the ruler demon at the top of the chain of command over every prince demon and every kingdom of darkness attached to my life, you with all those under your authority are hereby ordered in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to loose me now entirely and leave me now in the name of Jesus. I command you come out of my head, my heart, my belly, my soul, my body, my blood, every cell within me, my reproductive organs, my children, my siblings, and every living relative in the name of Jesus Christ. You will not pass through me or move around. You will all come to a centralized location and remain there fully bound in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and continue to move one way, and that is up, out and away from me and every member of my family in the name of Jesus Christ.

It is great to repeat yourself in this ministry. 

Pay attention to physical tightness, nausea, tingling, headache, increased heart rate, dizziness, etc as signs of a manifestation. Once these manifestations arise, you can actually call the demon out by the manifestation (The demon in my head, chest, etc, I know your there, because the Holy Spirit has revealed you=continue to original commands).
The continual commands steadily break down the fortress of the enemy and all his resistance. This is where persistence is key. Also, this is a great starting point, but after many commands if nothings happening, you can begin to command the demons to surface or to leave by calling their identity by “function” (ie: demon spirit of lust, diabetes, cancer, etc, you are to loose me now in the name of Jesus). This can actually get the process going to where now you may be able to go back to the ruler, prince, and chief commands because you want to make sure all of them go, not just specific ones. Once you get them exposed, it’s all uphill from there. If you have ever manifested deliverance/demon (coughing, vomiting, etc) your further sessions should be easy. Its just a matter of trigger words or exposing truths that will get the rest surfaced. Having the right things to say is very important in this ministry. And I have compiled above a good portion of what has always worked for me. Just because you do not manifest anything using these methods dos not mean you are free. The only way to tell you are free is by the fruit, what your life manifests. If you are not free in EVERY area, there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Jesus says a good tree cannot produce bad fruit. If there is any bad fruit, there is a sickness in the tree.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me using any of the methods on this website.

** Begin watching Nick Griemsmann’s Testimony. Watch 10:30 into his video to hear his story of deliverance.